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Shakira sparks anger in Spain for singing track from new album in Catalan

The Colombian singer has been slammed for singing her version of ‚Boig per tú‘ in Catalan, with critics saying she is showing support for the much-debated calls to make northeastern Spanish region an independent state.


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS  Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 10:20 AM

Shakira is under fire in Spain for singing a track on her new album in Catalan.

The Colombian singer has been dubbed a „traitor,“ „stupid“ and „disgusting“ by Spaniards who say it shows she is „openly supporting“ the idea of an independent Catalan state.

Hundreds have taken to Twitter to vent their anger at the 37-year-old’s version of „Boig per tú“ – which translates to „Mad For You“ in English.

„I already thought Shakira was stupid, but singing a song in Catalan? Really? That just proves it,“ said one commenter.

„Shakira singing in Catalan? You make me sick,“ said another.

„That Shakira releases an album with a song in Catalan demonstrates to me that she’s an utter imbecile,“ added a third.

The Spanish edition of the new album, released Tuesday and called simply „Shakira,“ contains 14 other songs – 11 of which are in English and three in Spanish.

Shakira, who lives in the Catalan capital of Barcelona with local and national football star Gerard Pique and their 1-year-old son Milan, has not retaliated to the online insults.

She is also yet to make a comment on the claims she supports independence for the region.

The song, originally performed by Catalan group Sau, is one of the couple’s favourite tracks, according to El Mundo.

The autonomous community of Catalonia is currently pushing for a referendum on self-rule.


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