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The Success of Small Countries (Credit Suisse Report)

…von Col·lectiu Emma

We recommend the following report by Credit Suisse „The Success of Small Countries (pdf).“ More information from Credit Suisse on the study can be found here.


… in a world of free trade, political borders are economically irrelevant and small countries can be as successful as some of the larger ones, that can benefit from a large domestic market.

Small countries are more homogeneous and homogeneity plays an important role in determining the success of a country. Cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity creates a ceiling to the potential size of a country. Homogeneous countries tend to have higher HDI scores.

… wealth inequality is less pronounced for small than large countries.

Scotland and Catalonia show higher HDI scores than the U.K. and Spain, respectively.


Mehr infos: Col·lectiu Emma


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